Enhancing Public Transport Demand Information Using Crowdsourced Data

Speaker: Piergiorgio Vitello (Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine; University of Luxembourg)
Title: Enhancing Public Transport Demand Information Using Crowdsourced Data
Time: Wednesday, 2021.06.16, 10:00 a.m. (CET)
Place: fully virtual (contact Jakub Lengiewicz to register)
Format: 30 min. presentation + 30 min. discussion

Abstract: In the era of Advanced Public Transport Systems, new technologies have been introduced and deployed providing multiple sources of data that can be utilized for demand estimation and analysis. In this study, we investigate the potential of a crowdsourced dataset such as Google Popular Times to quantify the correlation of the demand of a transit line in conjunction with the level of attractivity of its station and the surrounding local businesses to understand to which extent the characteristics of the activities in the area can be associated with the passenger transference at the stops.